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The Ascension Toolkit  +  Freedom Meditations

Raise your level of consciousness and experience spiritual bliss on tap
At age 18 I had a spiritual experience that changed my life forever. I began to see the magic of life and was able to tap into higher states of consciousness. I created this ascension toolkit for you to tap into this same bliss and experience higher states of being. Enjoy “The Practical Spiritual Series’ which shows you an easy way to live a real spiritual life, overcome emotional triggers and raise your level of consciousness. It’s taken 20 years and 10,000 hours meditation practice to share this with you. Enjoy! 
Ascension Toolkit
“The introvert program changed my life in seconds. I am now un-stuck in a way I never have been before. I haven’t even listened to all the audios yet. It’s a fierce energy running through me. Unbelievable. Thank you!” – Lauralai Sproul, California

Softly Powerful: The Introvert’s Guide To Success In An Extrovert World

Discover how to live an authentic, fulfilling life on your own terms
Do you need plenty of time to yourself to recharge and just ‘be’?
Does too much stimulation stress you out and make you feel drained?

If you said YES then you will love this course.

You’re about to discover the hard-earned secrets to overcome anxiety, overwhelm, and feeling too sensitive so you can uncover your own unique way of being in the world. This course shows you the way to easily create a lifestyle that works for you. You’ll also discover how to tactfully liberate yourself from wasteful social obligations and be in ‘the zone’. I created this program because I’m an introvert myself. It’s all the best methods I’ve learned to be a highly successful introvert in a noisy, crazy world – without selling out. With your course, you can be yourself and be successful. You’re awesome just the way you are.

Softly Powerful

Discover Your Dharma

Uncover your life’s purpose and success will follow you
Why are you here? What’s your true path? In this free training you will discover an easy method to realize your own unique life path (and start living it). As you break free from living a life you don’t love, you’ll start feeling better and better every day. Your new path will emerge in front of you and you’ll wake up in the morning feeling excited about life! Learn the essential first steps you can take to begin your new path – starting TODAY!

Superhero Training

Become the Ultimate YOU In Challenging Times
  • Get your free copy of AMAZING GRACE AUDIO BOOK and access over $500 worth of leading edge spiritual technologies to swiftly upgrade your life. This stuff actually works.
  • Superhero Training supports creative, inspired, and awakening souls to Break Free From The Matrix and Truly Deliver The Gift of Yourself to the World!
Superhero Training

EnlightenedPreneurs Video Series

Share your gifts and get paid what you’re worth

Turn your ideas into income. Activate your creativity and get your ideas off the ground and running. With this powerful video series, you’ll discover how to get organized in your life and business, claim back your time and your life so you can do LESS and achieve more. And…figure out how to get paid what you are worth. 


Raja Yoga Live Meditations and Courses

Experience Soul Conscious Power

At age 18 I went to a Raja Yoga class not knowing what to expect. Little did I know that it would change my life. After learning more about the Soul, God and Life I found that things finally made sense to me. I know this isn’t for everyone, but if it is for you, it will change your life too.