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Michael Mackintosh


Michael Mackintosh is an internationally renowned author, spiritual teacher, entrepreneur and mentor for thought-leaders and game changers. He helps next-generation evolutionary leaders to re-awaken their visions, unlock their genius and systematically transform ideas into tangible income, impact and freedom –  without stress, worry or confusion.

Aged 18, Michael had a profound, unexpected spiritual awakening that completely transformed his life and propelled him into a higher state of consciousness.  This new awakened consciousness and perspective gave him profound insights into the nature of Reality and what was possible in life.

Within a month of this spiritual awakening, he abandoned the normal world and went on a deep spiritual adventure into higher states of consciousness for over 7 years, traveling frequently to India to spend time with some of the world’s most powerful spiritual teachers and discovering the highest states of peace, freedom and deep contentment.

The Journey Back

Emerging from his spiritual practice with visions and a passion to serve, he co-founded multiple successful companies serving millions of people all over the globe: including Awakened Academy, Superhero Training and OmBar Enlightened Chocolate company among others.

Michael is known for his unique and refreshing clarity. He simplifies complex and often intangible ideas into clear, tangible insights that have empowered thousands to awaken to who they truly are, free themselves from limiting beliefs and embrace their true dharma.

He is one of the only teachers who is able to embrace both the spiritual and the material aspects of life and help others experience both inner and outer abundance.

Having realized that there is nowhere to go and nothing to escape from, Michael discovered that the only way to true freedom was to ‘master being alive’ and create the highest experience possible on the inner and outer worlds (which are intimately connected).

Michael reminds us that as we abandon trying to be someone else and focus on “Being #1 of ourselves”, we open to receive nourishment from the Source, the only true, everlasting power.

He knows each soul has a unique mission and deep connection with the ONE and it is only by maintaining that eternal, spiritual connection and living in alignment with the immutable laws of the universe that we can experience true awakened living.

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