You are the most important person in your life.

And that’s ok. In fact, it’s great.

We all have desires. We all want things, and we are all ultimately looking out for #1. If you step back and look at your life, you will see that your own self-interest is behind all your actions, even if it seems you are doing things for others.

And that’s ok, because you are with yourself forever.

No matter where you go, or how far you travel… you are always there, staring back at yourself.

You can never get away from yourself.

You will be with YOU forever.

So why not make your life amazing? Why not look out for yourself?

The things we think, say and do, leave a lasting impact on us, and so, of course, we are interested in ourselves and our own lives.

The Illusion of Being Selfless

Many of us have been taught to be ‘selfless’ and think only of others. But ultimately that’s not possible. Why? Because the only thing constant in your life… is YOU!

Everything you do… you will receive the return for it. That’s the law of karma.

So rather than guilt-tripping ourselves about having self-interest, we’re wise to embrace it and own it fully.


Because once accept that “everything we do, we do it all for ourselves” – we can take back 100% responsibility for our own lives and create the life we want.

If we think we can act without consequences, we are not in alignment with the way the world works.

In truth, nothing we ever do is genuinely ‘selfless,’ not even the most seemingly selfless act of so-called ‘self-sacrifice.’

Why not? Because the law of karma is constantly in effect.

Whatever we do, we personally will receive the return of it, either now or sometime in the future.

That means whatever you do; you will personally receive the return of it. You are the one who has to live with the consequences of your own actions. It’s your life, and whatever you do, you truly do it for yourself.

This is good news.

It’s also a powerful reality check.

We are bound by the laws of nature and the laws of karma. So if we serve others from the heart and deeply care about someone’s well-being, ultimately it is us who benefit from this act most – even if they are deeply touched.

We are the ones who will receive blessings and love back to ourselves. If you give to charity, YOU feel good about it, and you make the world a better place too, which you will enjoy.

If you share your gifts with others, YOU will get the blessings back from other people. You will feel happy.

If you eat good food, you will benefit from the health that ensues.

If you love others, you will feel good, and they will love you back.

And if we hate others or hate ourselves, we are the ones who will feel hate in our hearts and have our days blackened with darkness.

If we hold resentment and envy, we are the ones who suffer most.

I remember a funny saying about this. Resentment is like drinking rat poison ourselves and hoping the rat will die. It’s not a good idea.

But loving others is like filling our own hearts with love, and whether or not they change, we still feel good.

If we snort a line of cocaine, it is us who will experience the impact of that. If we drink green juice, we do it for ourselves.

Enlightened Self-Interest is the essence of spirituality.

It means that you are aware of the law of karma and are consciously doing things that will benefit you. However, you’re also aware of how your actions effect others and are cautious to not do anything that will benefit you but harm someone else.

When we embrace enlightened self-interest, we aim to create mutually beneficial situations where you win, and none else is harmed in the process. Or better still you win, and they win, too.

Enlightened self-interest means you realize that what you do, you do for yourself. And instead of feeling bad about it, you fully embrace it and create the life you love, while making sure you don’t cause problems to others in the process.

If you manifest your desires at the expense of others, you are forced to pay the price for getting what you want.  If the price you pay in suffering is higher than the value you gained, then something went wrong.

For example, if an addict has to steal from family and friends to get drugs, this theft will create problems in the relationship.

So we have to look at each situation and weigh it up. What do I want to achieve? And how can I get it without harming others?  Or better still, how can I get while helping others?

Everything we do has an impact, and we are the ones who have to live with the consequence of our actions.

What to do about this? How can you get what you truly desire?

1. Own the truth that you care mostly about yourself (and that is GOOD)

2. Find out what you really, really, really want to feel in life – because it’s your life after all. This is important. You have a LIFE! It’s here for YOU to enjoy. What do you want? What do you really, really, really want? Deep in your heart of hearts – what do you want from your precious life?

3. Get on your mission to fulfill your potential. Embrace your life. Embrace your mission. Live it and enjoy it. It’s YOUR life.

4. Aim to create win/win situations with others – so you help others fulfill their desires, and they help you back. Creating win/win situations, allows you to have a smoother ride through life by being in cooperation with others instead of competition. It’s easier when you’re not alone, and you’re doing things together with love.

At the end of the day, it’s YOUR life.

You deserve the best.

You can create the most amazing life.

And that’s why you are here.

So embrace this fully.

Have enlightened self-interest. Be proud of it. Don’t worry about pleasing others to fit in. Don’t dim your light because others are playing small and wasting their lives! It’s your life! Do what is good for your soul and enjoy the fullness of your beautiful existence.

You are the #1 person in your own life, and that’s good.

Thank you for being YOU!