Having been a spiritual teacher and author for many years, I’ve noticed that until we learn a lesson, those same lessons come up over and over and over again.

Our Higher Self continuously inspires us to deal with everything that no longer serves us.

And until we get the message – the same issues will continue to surface. The same patterns will repeat over and over and over and over.

For me, the big message has been to STOP.

STOP the endless chase…

STOP trying to get things done all the time…

STOP trying to get, get, get…

…and experience the deep, beautiful feelings within.

Service and creativity is great. But it can also be a trap. A false sense of achievement based on external things.

The message this year is to fully give up any residue of the mainstream madness – running around to get stuff to feel good… and just FEEL GOOD NOW.

It’s time to abandon feeling good later…

And connect to the Divine Now.

Experience peace now.

Experience joy now.

Attain everything now!


Simple as they may sound… it’s a life-changing and game changing moment.

When it sinks in that everything we want is a FEELING and those feelings are HERE NOW, it’s like walking through a door into a new world.

A new reality.

A whole new universe opens up.

Once we have entered this new world it means we have attained everything TODAY, not next year. Or after I get this, that and the other thing.


Feeling Good Now goes against the grain of the entire consumer culture and the ego construct that always believes the grass is greener somewhere else. Anywhere, but not here, now.

We live in a world that tells us we are always not good enough. We are always missing out on something. And then the ego mind says “It was so much better in the past, if only I could get____ back things would be perfect” or it says “It will be so much better in the future when I get_____”

Either way, the grass is always greener some other time. And the grass is ALWAYS greener somewhere else some other time. So even if we get the things we want, the grass is STILL greener somewhere else.

This year, for me, my new focus is on becoming STABLE. Becoming a master of my heart and mind.

Feeling those deep feelings inside myself.

My aim is to stabilize myself in any state I choose, when I choose, for as long as I choose.

So if I choose to feel deep love, then intention is to feel that love, from the Divine, when I choose, for as long as I choose, without my mind wandering or being compelled.

Whatever state is wanted is manifested. In a second.

This may sound hard or far-fetched. I used to think so.

But I believe we are ALL masters and it’s natural to have total mastery over our OWN mind and hearts.

Whose mind is it anyway?
It’s your mind!

Becoming constantly happy, peaceful, loving and stable may seem like a crazy idea in a world of suffering, confusion, craving and consumerism.

But it’s NOT a crazy idea.

Feeling naturally peaceful, happy and free is our original state.

It’s natural.

It’s what we are made of.

We are spiritual beings already. We come from a world of light already. We are already beings of love, light, power and peace. It’s what we are.

And sooner or later, we will all return back to that state.

For me, I’d rather do it now – than live in a needy, craving state and be a pawn in someone else’s game.

I’ve spent long enough playing that old game and it’s not worked.

I didn’t come here into this world to suffer and chase superficial desires that have been injected into my mind from advertisers or other people.

I came here to feel amazing, enjoy life, create beautiful things, share from the heart, connect with others and enjoy the wonders.

Coming back to That brings a huge smile to my face and joy to my heart.

And I hope you too, feel those beautiful feelings that exist forever inside of you.

I wish you a joyful, happy year.

May you feel all the wonderful feelings within you. May you feel blessed and free. May you re-create that state of consciousness inside yourself.

Much love from the heart