When we let go, we are releasing “stacks” of negativity inside of ourselves. Throughout our lives, we have accumulated various states of negativity through our experiences, including unhealthy attachments, desires, addictions, and cravings. All of these are stored within us right now like karmic stacks, layered one upon the other.

They make our lives stressful, and hinder our ability to feel free and enjoy life. These stacks of negativity are restricting our freedom and suppressing our joy. The ego is addicted to negativity and relishes in increasing these stacks of negativity even more. Our responsibility as spiritual beings, therefore, is to overcome the ego’s endless trivial desires and remove these stacks from within, which is best done through letting go and giving it up to God.

So what happens as we start to let go?  It’s important to be aware, the ego doesn’t like it. The ego would prefer we stay in our misery, and consequently creates resistance, confusion and a myriad of reasons of why we can’t remove the negativity.

But, we must smile and continue to let go anyway.

The process goes something like this…

First, we see God – God is a being of light, like a spiritual sun in a world of golden red light, like an infinite sunset. We bring our awareness to Nirvana, the land of peace, the land of silence. And God is in that light – the infinite power who wants us to surrender, to be free from our negativity, attachments and vices.

Second, we become willing to let go. This means we are willing to admit we have a stack of negativity within that hinders our ultimate joy, and we are willing to face it, reveal it, hold it up into the light and give it to God. God wants us to hand over everything that limits our highest expression – all the useless stuff that doesn’t serve us – and receive freedom in return.  What do you prefer – negativity, misery and pain, or joy, freedom, wealth and self-sovereignty?

So we sit and we remind ourselves over and over – I am willing to release lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment, guilt, shame, fear, past memories, beliefs, addictions, cravings, being right, and everything else that comes up.

We are willing to surrender everything that no longer serves us, as it arises even if there is resistance. We surrender the resistance, and the resistance to the resistance. Whatever arises; a thought, a sound, an image, a guilty feeling, anger, lust, craving, fear and anxiety, or even physical discomfort or tiredness.

Whatever is coming up, instead of dwelling on the details of the thing, the content, the story, we instead choose to hand it over to God. Each thing we hand over is like giving up one layer in our big stack of negativity.

Each time we let go, we become less burdened and feel less resistance. Each time we release the negativity, we are a little more free, and we can continue to become more and more free by letting go of some more.

So we sit, we remember God in the world of light, and we hand over stack after stack after stack, whatever it is, as it arises. And even if resistance comes, as it surely will, or we forget, or get off track thinking about something else, or we feel sleepy, we just give that up too. Feel the sleepiness and give it to God.

Maybe we feel guilty about something we did, even a few moments ago, or we feel angry about having to surrender – no problem, we just feel the guilt or the anger or whatever it is, acknowledge it, then surrender it up to God. We let it go. We say, “Here – take this all away. Here is it – I’m giving it up” – and we release that stack, feeling it being taken away…

And then we release the next layer. There is always more to let go and that’s ok.

So we have determination, we stay focused and we let go, let go, let go.  We must.

[This is an expert from the book Let Go & Awaken]