Feel your feelings. See your stuff. Be with what is. The more you allow this to come up and be, the less scary it is.

When we refuse to look at our ‘dark side’ we can  fantasize about how horrid and lethal it is. But when we finally see it fully, we find it’s like the little man who turns out to be the Great Oz. The all powerful wizard is actually just a frumpy old man behind a curtain.

As you begin to expose the darker side of yourself on the screen of your consciousness you can move onto the next step, making it small.

Making it small means to zoom out from the details of life and see it from an expansive space where you are free.

Frankly, this practice is the only thing I’ve found really makes a shift for me. As I make it all small and realize that nothing is happening to ‘me’ – this ego/person, but is happening to ‘him’ (Michael) in the film – I feel completely liberated and even amused at what I was feeling.

All emotional eruptions emerge from taking life too seriously and worrying about tedious details that ultimately mean nothing in the ocean of eternity.

The only real difference between those who are enlightened and those who are not is how aware we are of our own eternity and how free we are from thinking we are these people.

In other words, the more we see the fleeting moments of life as drops in the ocean of our existence, the more liberated we are, the happier we will feel and the more our life will be colored with the peace and joy that is our true nature.