Can we be both spiritual and rich? Or are all spiritual people destined to be poor and all rich people destined to be evil? Now and again I come across spiritual people who are triggered about the idea of having a lot of money or making a great living doing what they love.

It’s as if they think they are better than everyone else by being poor, buying into the old idea that money corrupts everyone and you shouldn’t have it – or you are greedy and evil. I used to think that myself. I remember being in debt, unable to even pay my $300 a month rent. I didn’t even have money to buy food sometimes. But I thought I was better than other people because I was so frugal (broke). Still, I was happy most the time because I knew I was a spiritual being and I’ve never needed much to be happy. I still barely have any clothes and live a very simple life even now because I don’t find much joy in ‘stuff’. But if I was honest, not having enough money was stressful. It used to weigh me down. It was a background concern that took up space in my mind and caused low-level anxiety.

As spiritual beings, we’re not here to worry about money or think about money and worry about eating well and being able to travel.

We didn’t come here from our world a light to waste our time worrying about money and not able to eating well or express ourselves. We are UNLIMITED beings and this world is our playground. We’re here to enjoy life – not stress out about it and feel trapped.

And if we’re in this world, it’s actually not possible to live without money. Look around. You can move without money. It doesn’t matter how spiritual we are or how much meditation we do, as soon as you step out into the world, you need to pay for things. Food, bills, travel, stuff, phones – almost everything costs something.

And so we can either embrace this… and become financially free… or we can have a spiritual ego and pretend it doesn’t matter and carry on with the old paradigm idea that spiritual people should be poor.

We have a choice. We’re moving into a new paradigm.

This is a new world. It’s time to be comfortable with both being spiritual, internally free, safe and secure AND have the resources and capacity to express ourselves fully. Wealth is like a magic ticket that speeds up your ability to turn and idea into a reality. Think about all the great things you can do with more money.

You could support awesome causes or create something yourself and make it happen. You can live anywhere and enjoy the wonders of the world. You can buy massive amounts of land and protect it from corporations trying to exploit it. You could create an amazing home to live in full of beauty and share that experience with others. The list goes on.

Think about this.

What wonders could you do with more wealth?

Money and wealth is not evil. It’s creative energy. It speeds up your visions.

Are you ready to be wealthy and free? Soulful and rich. Deep and capable of making things happen?

Once we shift our attitude around this everything changes.

It’s all a game anyway. So why not play it and enjoy it?

Wishing you endless wealth on all levels. May you have a rich inner world and outer world filled with beauty and blessings.