We live in a sleeping society that values us based on external appearances. If you are young and attractive by societies standards, people will like and praise you (or hate you behind your back). But if you are not, or if you grow old, you are seen as less valuable in the eyes of our distorted culture. Just look at all the images of young, sexy women who gain attention based entirely on how they look. If you took away their external beauty, they would almost instantly be disregarded and ignored, like all those who get old and died before them.

Our society is only skin deep, and when our sense of self-worth is based on how we look compared to others, we will forever feel insecure and not good enough.

And, ironically, even if we do reach the ‘perfect’ look, and feel valued by others for a time, it can’t last. Everyone will get old and die, so trying to hang on to the image of the past will only make us more insecure and depressed as the days go by, and our physical appearance loses its youthfulness.

But it doesn’t matter!

Your Higher Self is never, ever limited by your body or external appearance.

Your Higher Self has nothing to do with age, skin color or what you wear.

Your Higher Self is the embodiment of pure beauty and that what you are NOW and will be forever!

You can relax, knowing you are already perfect and beautiful and no-one can ever take that away from you.

You are immortal, beautiful light. You are beautiful, divine presence.  You are an embodiment of perfection. Nothing can ever take that away from you. You are your Higher Self, and You are always beautiful.

You are your Higher Self. You are amazing!